Our history

“Being in the right place at the right time, good intuition, a great team spirit and inventive genius have made us what we are today:

The leading company in the future market of automotive data transmission.”

You can find an overview of our most significant milestones here:


2008: New product category Data Cables and introduction of electronic modules

Another important milestone in our company history was the development of the product category Data Cables (HSD) for connecting displays in vehicles. In the same year, we also brought the first electronic modules for vehicles onto the market.

2014: Our own test laboratory

In 2000, we established our own in-house test laboratory at our headquarters to further ensure our commitment to quality.

Certification by DAkkS, the German Accreditation Body followed in 2014. Thus, our laboratory has the position of an official certification and test institution.


2015: Fourth product category Sensors

In 2015, we extended our product portfolio with the product category Sensors. An inquiry from a well-known OEM was the reason behind this development.

2018: Opening of the new technology center at our headquarters

With the opening of our technology center spanning 4,400 m2, we have created space for the further technical development of our products and machinery. This allows us to meet increasing market demands with maximum flexibility.

2005 – today: International expansion

For us, the customer is at the center of everything we do. To be as close as possible to our customers, we are continuously expanding our global network:

  • 2005: Production location in Beijing, China
  • 2009: Production location in Jamestown, USA
  • 2016: Production location in León, Mexico
  • 2020: Production location in Changzhou, China
  • 2020: Production location in Vratsa, Bulgaria


1993: Founding of the first international location in the Czech Republic 

In 1993, we took our first step towards global expansion and founded MD ELMONT spol. s r.o., today’s MD ELEKTRONIK spol. s r.o., in the Czech municipality of Chotěšov. In the same year, production started at the Czech location.

1994: Entry into the automotive industry with the first product category coax 

The early recognition of a technological trend, cross-industry thinking and the combination of our know-how to create an attractive solution led to an important milestone in our company history: The entry into the automotive industry. The first order was for the production of automotive telephone cables. Since 2011, we have focused exclusively on the automotive industry.

1995: First steps in plastics technology

Taking our first steps in plastics technology gave us a decisive competitive advantage: In the following years, the combination of this technology – which was new to MD – with our in-depth knowledge of connection technology led to the creation of several very successful MD products such as the FAKRA LC connector.


1980: Inauguration of the headquarters in Waldkraiburg, Germany

In 1980, due to the increasing number of orders, the company moved from Buchbach to the industrial area in Waldkraiburg – where our current headquarters are still located today.

1989: Takeover by DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH and renaming to MD ELEKTRONIK GmbH

Over the years, our assembled cables became increasingly complex. They were now also used in medical devices, ATMs and printers. We became an important supplier of DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, who decided to acquire us in 1989. This was the origin of today’s MD ELEKTRONIK GmbH. At this time, MD already had 800 employees.


1974: Founding of the company Merx, Diem & Co. GmbH in Buchbach, Germany

Our roots lie in the founding of the company Merx, Diem & Co. GmbH in Buchbach. Initially, 20 employees assembled amplifiers and mixing consoles for the music industry on a production space of 100 m2. Furthermore, electronic circuits and assembled stranded wires were supplied to industrial companies.