We make cars smart – networked and digital in the future of road traffic

V2X – vehicle-to-everything technology – has become indispensable in the vehicle of the future. Vehicles communicate with each other, with the infrastructure, with mobile end devices and with diagnostic devices in the repair shop. This is where standards such as 5G, WiGig, Bluetooth or on-board diagnostics (OBD) are used.

Networked vehicles are safer and more efficient, and at the same time, they enhance passenger comfort. The basis for this is the reliable transmission of data in different frequency bands with the lowest latency possible. This is precisely where our core competence lies.

Do you want to turn your idea of a smart vehicle into reality? We assemble ideal cables for safe data transmission for your particular application.

The requirements for data transmission solutions have changed enormously with the networking of vehicles. Thus, this trend demands innovative solutions for the transmission of huge amounts of data, while, at the same time, ensuring

low latency,
high signal quality,
low power consumption,
high level of durability,
miniaturized components,

All of this requires a strong partner who can develop the latest customized technological solutions for you.

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Tailor-made and perfectly assembled cables

We master the assembly of data cables for vehicles. And this has been the case for over 25 years. We exclusively create tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements: Your idea – our product.

Our automatically assembled 6GHz capable cables cover, for example, all radio frequency bandwidths up to the latest mobile radio standard, 5G. With our products, you can also implement all common protocols such as Automotive Ethernet, Multi-Gig-Ethernet or PCI-Express to set up backbone connections.

Do you want to link your vehicle to the outside world? Are you looking for solutions to set up backbone connections in vehicles? If so, you have come to the right place.

We turn your smart vehicle idea into reality

Your wishes and ideas are our top priority. We assemble all cables to measure so that your idea can be turned into reality. Thanks to our global footprint with highly automated production plants in Europe, APAC and NAFTA, we can supply you with what you need quickly and safely at any time.

Do you have a concrete project in mind? We are happy to support you. Contact us today.

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We create your tailor-made solution.

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