We turn your vehicle into a mobile living room. Or an office. Or a multimedia stage.

The “autonomous” megatrend is massively changing the interior of vehicles. And the car of the future is being turned into a mobile living room. Or an office. Or a multimedia stage.

Even if it is going to take a few more years until self-driving vehicles dominate the roads: 4K and, in the future, 8K displays are already finding their way into the vehicle interiors. Furthermore, the connection and contactless charging of mobile end devices in vehicles are now commonplace. New business models, such as on-demand functions, have also become major topics in the infotainment sector of tomorrow’s mobility. All this has a huge impact on the network architecture in vehicles.

Should multimedia become an integral part of your vehicle? We can assemble the ideal cables for the fast and safe transmission of huge amounts of data for you.

The requirements for data transmission solutions have changed enormously with the introduction of multimedia modules in vehicles. Thus, this trend demands innovative solutions for the transmission of huge amounts of data, while, at the same time, ensuring

low latency,
high signal quality,
low power consumption,
miniaturized components,

All of this requires a strong partner who can develop the latest customized technological solutions for you. This is where we come into play.

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Tailor-made and perfectly assembled cables

We master the assembly of data cables for vehicles. And this has been the case for over 25 years. We exclusively create tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements: Your idea – our product.

With our solutions, you can implement all common protocols such as APIX or LVDS to connect displays in your vehicle.

USB Type-A and USB Type-C modules round off our infotainment package which means that you can effortlessly connect your mobile end devices in your vehicle.

Do you want to know how modern data transmission solutions for infotainment in vehicles work? We are happy to advise you.

We turn your vehicle infotainment idea into reality.

Your wishes and ideas are our top priority. We assemble all cables to measure so that your idea can be turned into reality. Thanks to our global footprint with highly automated production plants in Europe, APAC and NAFTA, we can supply you with what you need quickly and safely at any time.

Do you have a concrete project in mind? We are there to advise you. Contact us today.

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We create your tailor-made solution.

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