Jochen Stein

Jochen Stein is Senior Key Account Quality Manager at MD ELEKTRONIK. With over 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, he has already mastered a number of complex challenges and optimized processes along the way. His passions include the digitalization and automation of business processes and as an experienced manager in Production and later in Quality Management, he enjoys applying his passion for innovation and continuous improvement to his work at MD. He enjoys playing a part in developing the mobility of the future and is already looking forward to traveling around in fully autonomous vehicles in the future.

Frank Götze

Frank Götze is Director Quality Operations at MD ELEKTRONIK. After completing his studies in materials sciences at the Technical University of Dresden, his path in quality management led him to MD, via several posts along the way, including utility vehicle manufacturing and steel processing. He is particularly interested in fields such as leadership, AI and scientific subjects in general. In his private life, he enjoys sport (mountain biking and swimming) and reading biographies. His motto is “BE USEFUL” (Arnold Schwarzenegger).