MD ELEKTRONIK Expands Headquarters

MD ELEKTRONIK Celebrated the Roofing Ceremony in the New Technology Center at the Waldkraiburg Location.

At the end of October 2018, MD ELEKTRONIK celebrated the roofing ceremony which was a milestone of the new technology center in Waldkraiburg. The building complex with a total floor area of 4,400 m² will provide enough space for new technologies and machine concepts as well as offices and social areas. In the technology center, innovations regarding production and process developments will be created.

Technology Center as an Investment in the Future

Robert Hofmann, spokesman of the Management Board of MD ELEKTRONIK, emphasized: “This investment underlines how important state-of-the-art technologies are for a long-term business success. With the technology center, we will be able to work more intensively on challenges such as autonomous driving and increasingly higher data rates in vehicles. Thus, we will strengthen our position as a future-oriented company and further develop our competitive position.”

Long-term Safeguarding of the Waldkraiburg Location

The construction of the new technology center and the resulting extension of the location mean a further commitment to the site in Waldkraiburg, which has been the MD headquarters since 1989. “As an international supplier, it is essential for us to be attractive for innovative and talented people”, said Robert Hofmann. “With the new technology center, we are not only investing into new technologies but we will also provide attractive working conditions.” Besides the construction of the new technology center, the parking situation of the entire location will be optimized.

“MD ELEKTRONIK has been closely connected to the town of Waldkraiburg since many decades. With the construction of the technology center, this partnership will be further emphasized”, appreciated Robert Pötzsch, mayor of the town of Waldkraiburg, during the event. “Commitments such as this construction create important impulses and contribute essentially to the economic attractiveness of the entire region.”

Completion and Commissioning Planned for 2019

At the end of the traditional roofing ceremony, Father Bernhard Stiegler blessed the construction, which was started in April 2018 with the official groundbreaking. The completion and commissioning of the building are planned for 2019. During the roofing ceremony, Robert Hofmann thanked all persons involved: “Many people were and are involved in this construction, mainly the building companies with their construction workers and craftsmen. I thank you very much for your professional, careful and timely work.”