Innovative, scalable USB connection system for automotive applications

Are you looking for a multifunctional connection system for data transmissions larger than 10 Gbps and possible charging of up to 100 W in vehicles?

If so, our USB Type-C connection system “C-KLIC” is the perfect solution for your application.


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Your advantages

Multifunctional application

  • Applications with more than one differential data pair for fast data transmission
  • Scalable, possible combination of data links, signal cables and power transmission

Save installation space

  • Significantly smaller dimensions compared to a standard USB charging module with integrated electronics
  • Up to 60 % package savings in the dashboard

Less waste heat

  • In spite of high charging power (up to 100 W) only marginal heating (approx. 10 K) at the customer interface in the dashboard
  • Up to 90 % less waste heat

Versatile and flexible use

  • Modular structure of the connection system (proprietary application possible)
  • Application-specific cable variants with up to 4 parallel data pairs
  • Possible additional functions: lighting, temperature monitoring, real time detection

Application examples

Focus: USB charging
with data transmission

Data transmission
USB 2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbps)

Power Delivery Specification (5 V – 20 V / max. 5 A)

Transmission length
80 mV ground drop at 5 A with 1 meter cable
(comparable to HSD application with 1.5 A per one meter cable)

Additional functions
e.g. lighting, temperature monitoring, real time detection Vdrop, etc.

USB data

Data transmission
USB 2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbps)
USB 3.2 SuperSpeed (Gen1 / 5 Gbps)

Transmission length
max. 7 meters (depends on chipset)

Additional functions
power supply, USB alternate modes

High-speed data

Option 1:
Data transmission

parallel via 4 differential pairs

Transmission length
3 meters (depends on transmission protocol)

Additional functions
power supply (max. 1 A), 2 additional unshielded control lines


The system was designed and optimized for the USB 3.2 Gen1 standard. Additionally, higher transmission rates of up to 10 Gbps are also possible. This also enables the transmission of protocols such as PCIe or Display Port.

No, in principle most standard protocols up to 10 Gbps and higher, such as PCIe or Display Port, can be considered. Automotive Ethernet can be realized under certain conditions.

Yes, when using C-KLIC a maximum current of 5 A at a voltage of up to 20 V can be transmitted. Thus, connected devices (tablet PCs, smartphones, etc.) can be supplied or charged.

Yes, there are PCB variants with 90° (horizontal) and 180° (vertical) design. These variants can be processed using the pin-in-paste technology.

Yes, all common codings according to the automotive standards can be realized in the prescribed colors (as required).

No, this function is omitted due to the coded housing suitable for automotive use. Thus, all 24 pins of the connector can be used specifically (proprietarily).

Transmission lengths of up to 8 meters could be already realized with suitable chipsets.

Yes, the handling instructions can be found here.

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About Klaus Bramhofer

Klaus Bramhofer is the Head of Technical Product Management at MD. His mission is to establish MD as a supplier and development partner for connector components in the automotive industry. With an experience of more than 9 years in this industry, Klaus is an expert in this field. After starting his career as an Application Engineer, he established and managed a development department in his position as Manager Development Sensor Cables. Apart from the close contact with customers and working in a global team, Klaus particularly appreciates the intercultural experiences he gains in his job.

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