For more than two decades we – as a reliable system partner – develop and produce high quality COAX sub-assemblies according to the requirements of our customers.

As a leading manufacturer of data communication solutions, we offer innovative solutions for various applications in vehicles. Our portfolio includes numerous products with Fakra* interface and covers a wide range of applications. (Fakra* = Fachkreis Automobil – Automobile Expert Group)

MD data cables and Fakra connectors are characterized by a maximum of quality and durability. All variations of our products are tested in our accredited, in-house test laboratory. Subsequently they are released for production at our locations. In numerous segments, we produce Fakra sub-assemblies using automated production processes.

Our Coax sub-assemblies are used for many different applications and transmission systems. The bandwidths of the analog transmission frequencies range from around 50 MHz to several GHz.

The application systems include data cables for:

  • Radio and radio antennas
  • GPS and SDARS
  • Auxiliary antennas
  • Car-to-X connections
  • Data communication solutions in the Ethernet-Coax area

The high requirements of the onboard power system are considered within our development processes and ensured by the MD quality management at all times.