FAKRA cable assemblies for automotive applications

Are you looking for an automotive connector system for RF-based applications, tested according to ISO 20860-1 and USCAR 18?

If so, our Coax cable assemblies in combination with all common FAKRA connectors are the perfect solution for your application.

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Your advantages

Consistently high-quality standard

  • Highly automated assembly with automated process monitoring
  • Globally standardized machinery

All cable-connector combinations from one source

  • Hybrid cable assemblies: combination of various FAKRA and Mini Coax technologies possible

Tailor-made solutions

  • Special solutions, e.g. ground connections, cable tapings and protection, etc.
  • Sealed and non-sealed variants
  • 90° and 180° variants
  • 13 mechanical and colored codings and one neutral coding
  • Assembly of different cable types such as RTK031 and RG174


Autonomous driving (LiDAR) Rear seat entertainment Driver assistance system Surround view

Protocols & signals

Successfully implemented projects

Multi-camera system connection


  • Compact connection solution
  • Cost-effective
  • Signal and power transmission

Roof antenna connection


  • Cost-effective
  • Long-term tried and tested solution
  • Covering high bandwidths (5 MHz up to 6 GHz)

Display connection


  • Compact connection solution
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-term tried and tested solution

Technical information

Return loss < 12 dB @ 6 GHz (VW LAH V03 825)
Mating forces ≤ 25 N
Cable retention force ≥ 110 N (depending on cable)
Dynamic load Load level 2
Temperature range -40 °C up to +105 °C (depending on cable)

Data according to component manufacturer


In case of FAKRA SF, the maximum transmission frequency is 6 GHz.

Power supply is possible in the low Ampere range. This depends on the respective cable and its length.

For FAKRA components, rework kits are available. Rework can be carried out in the vehicle and will take approximately 10 minutes.

A multiple use of the secondary locking depends on the respective connector system. Usually, crush ribs, which support the fixation, are deformed when the secondary locking is closed for the first time. When the secondary locking is closed for the second time, the crush ribs have already been deformed and therefore cannot ensure the fixation.

There are handling instructions available for FAKRA connectors. Please find these instructions under the following link.

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