Mini Coax cable assemblies for automotive applications

Are you looking for an automotive data cable for high-bitrate data transmission with the smallest installation space and tested according to LV 214 and USCAR?

If so, Mini Coax is the perfect solution for your application. We assemble for you all common Mini Coax connectors which are available on the market.

Mini Coax interface MATE-AX

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Mini Coax interface HFM

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Your advantages

Consistently high-quality standard

  • Highly automated assembly with automated process monitoring
  • Globally standardized machinery

All cable-connector combinations from one source

  • Hybrid cable assemblies: combination of FAKRA and Mini Coax technologies possible

Save installation space and weight

  • Save up to 70 % of installation space compared to FAKRA solutions
  • Save up to 80 % of weight compared to FAKRA solutions

High bandwidth

  • Higher frequency range (up to 15 GHz) compared to FAKRA solutions

Tailor-made solutions

  • Assembly of different cable types such as: RTK031 and RG174
  • Customer-specific solutions, e.g. ground connections, cable tapings and protection, etc.


Autonomous driving (LiDAR) Rear seat entertainment Display connection Driver assistance system Surround view

Protokolle & Signale

Successfully implemented projects

Multi-camera system connection


  • Miniaturized connection solution
  • Signal and power transmission

Roof antenna connection


  • Miniaturized connection solution
  • Covering high bandwidths (5 MHz up to 6 GHz)

Telematics module connection


  • Miniaturized connection solution
  • Cost-effective

Technical information

Screening attenuation ≤ -50 dB up to 15 GHz
Return loss ≤ -12 dB up to 15 GHz
Crosstalk (NEXT) ≤ -50 dB up to 15 GHz
Engagement force ≤ 55 N
Cable retention force ≥ 110 N
Angled pull ≥ 75 N
Keying efficiency ≥ 130 N
Dynamic load Load level 2
Temperature range -40 °C up to +105 °C

Specification according to component manufacturer


Mini Coax has several interfaces. The most established ones are MATE-AX (by TE Connectivity) and HFM (by Rosenberger). The two connector systems are not mating-compatible with each other.

There are 1-, 2-, 4- and 6-pin housings.

For Mini Coax systems, common automotive Coax cables (RG174, RTK031, etc.) can be used.

In case of an unsealed variant, a partial assignment is possible. In case of a sealed variant, the unassigned cavity must be filled with an appropriate sealing element, a so-called ‘blind plug’.

Handling instructions for Mini Coax connector systems are available. They can be found under the following link.

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