Four-wire cable assemblies for automotive applications

Are you looking for a compact 3 GHz data transmission solution with 2 data pairs for a bi-directional data communication or a simultaneous voltage supply for vehicles?

If so, our four-wire cable assemblies are the perfect solution for your application.


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product information


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Your advantages

Consistently high-quality standard

  • Highly automated assembly with automated process monitoring
  • Globally standardized machinery
  • Compliance with the smallest processing tolerances

Saving installation space

  • Small installation space and a robust design

Robust data transmission

  • Robust data transmission with LVDS principle and double shielding

Tailor-made solutions with modular concept

  • Various applications (static, dynamic, high temperature load) due to various cable variants
  • 14 codings and 4 exit directions for all installation space situations
  • Sealed and non-sealed variants
  • Handling of various cable cross-sections: 0.14 mm², 0.35 mm² and 0.5 mm²

Cost optimization through saved working time

  • Less mating processes due to a unit chamber concept with different housing variants (double HSD, HSD+2, HSD+4, HSD+8)


Cameras ADS / ADAS Displays Rear Seat Entertainment

Protocols & signals

Successfully implemented projects

Display connection


  • Robust, flexible system
  • Simultaneous transmission of several data signals
  • Long-term tried and tested solution

Head-Up-Display connection


  • Robust, flexible system
  • Long-term tried and tested solution

USB module connection


  • Robust, flexible system
  • Long-term tried and tested solution
  • Including power transmission according to USB specification (3 A)

Technical information

Return loss > 20 dB, DC up to 1 GHz (HSD) or ≥ 25 dB, DC up to 100 MHz (HSDe)
≥ 15 dB, 100 MHz up to 500 MHz (HSDe)
≥ 10 dB, 500 MHz up to 1 GHz (HSDe)
Screening attenuation (only HSD) ≥ 75 dB, DC up to 1 GHz
≥ 65 dB, 1 GHz up to 2 GHz
Keying efficiency ≥ 80 N
Engagement force ≤ 30 N
Retention force latch ≥ 110 N
Mating cycles ≥ 25
Temperature range -40 °C up to +105 °C
Qualification according to LV 214 / USCAR

Data according to component manufacturer


100BASE-T1 means Automotive Ethernet with a data transmission rate of 100 Mbps via a pair of cores.

Automotive Ethernet means Ethernet for vehicles with the goal of standardizing the data transmission in the on-board power system. Automotive Ethernet is a core technology for the realization of the future on-board power system.

The transmission of Automotive Ethernet is possible under certain conditions. The protocol 100BASE-TX can be transmitted via a HSD cable, for example.

This has to be considered in individual cases by means of the application and the planned protocol.

HSD includes 4 pins and a double shielding (in standard cases), FAKRA includes 1 pin and a double shielding (in standard cases). The applicability has to be checked individually depending on the application and the protocol.

This depends on the cable used. Usually, cables up to 1 GHz or 3 GHz are quoted.

A double-wire cable can be used if two control units need to be connected with one data pair.

A four-wire cable can be used if two control units need to be connected with two data pairs under one joint shield.

Handling instructions are available. They can be found under the following link.

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