USB adapter cable assemblies for mobile end devices

Are you looking for robust adapter cables suitable for automotive use and for connecting mobile end devices in vehicles?

If so, our adapter cable assemblies are the perfect solution for you:

  • Adapter cables for connecting mobile end devices
  • Charging functionality and data transmission
  • Suitable for automotive use
  • Robust design: design-optimized molding of the connector components with different exit directions
  • USB Type-C connector certified according to
  • Use for all mobile end devices possible according to
  • Licensed Apple partner

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Successfully implemented projects

Adapter cable

USB Type-C to USB Type-A

Adapter cable

USB Type-C to Lightning (Apple)

Adapter cable

USB Type-C to Micro USB Type-B


We develop universally usable adapter cables according to the specifications.

We have long-term experience with the development according to customer specifications.

Klaus is your expert for electronic cables at MD:


Phone: +49 8638 / 604 – 355

About Klaus Bramhofer

Klaus Bramhofer is the Head of Technical Product Management at MD. His mission is to establish MD as a supplier and development partner for connector components in the automotive industry. With an experience of more than 9 years in this industry, Klaus is an expert in this field. After starting his career as an Application Engineer, he established and managed a development department in his position as Manager Development Sensor Cables. Apart from the close contact with customers and working in a global team, Klaus particularly appreciates the intercultural experiences he gains in his job.

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