We develop hardware for the automotive industry
using state of the art technology!

Compact, smart and state of the art

Signal electronics

  • Multimedia interfaces (USB, video, audio  etc.)
  • Analogue-/digital conversion
  • USB Host-to-Host bridge
  • Authentication
  • Embedded systems

High frequency electronics

  • Data signal amplifiers
  • Bandpasses, filters
  • Crossover splitters

Performance electronics

  • Voltage/power supplies
  • Intelligent battery management systems
  • USB-compliant charging modules with line compensation

Hardware development

We accompany our customers during
the entire development process!

From concept to serial product

  • Circuit design
  • Selection and design of components
  • Simulation of EMC, high frequency signals, thermal behaviour
  • Optimization of efficiency, size, thermal design
  • Layout creation
  • Setup and initial commissioning of test prototypes
  • Measurements during development
  • Test, validation, certification
  • Transfer to serial production

Software development

We develop customized software
including update service

From the abstract idea to the embedded software

  • Analysis and modeling of the system requirements
  • Design of modular architectures
  • Real-time capable embedded software
  • Signal processing
  • Management of complex electronic components
  • Fail-safe update mechanisms
  • Quality assurance measures
  • Failure management
  • Version- and change management
  • EOL test support using suitable test routines

System development

We develop systems systematically!

Efficient solutions which consider the big picture

  • System- and wiring system analysis
  • Concept development and evaluation
  • Analysis of installation spaces and components
  • Creation of specification sheets
  • Selection of technologies
  • Full embedded system development
  • Prototype creation
  • Configuration management
  • Coordination with OEM and component suppliers

System integration

We safeguard systems!

Test and protection for faultless systems

  • System verification
  • Protection- and test planning
  • Performance of test programs
  • Functional tests with test programs
    • at the subsystem
    • in the vehicle
    • at MD or at the OEM
  • Analysis of loggings
  • Failure tracking
  • Integration of diagnostic capabilities
  • Integration of update capabilities