• MD became a partner of the NVIDIA INCEPTION PROGRAM (Europe’s hottest Start-up 2018)
  • Market introduction of Mini Coax cable assemblies on the basis of the HFM and MATE-AX connector technologies
  • A 10 Gbps transmission range was set up on the basis of an optical fiber
  • New MD products and innovations presented at the IZB 2018:
    • USB Type-C interface module as Type-C customer interface for HSD cabling
    • USB Type-C charger with 2 x 100 W charging power (USB PD 3.0 with PPS) and detached customer interfaces
    • C-KLIC: Automotive connector system based on USB Type-C


  • MD data cables were first installed in the AUDI A8 as part of the zFAS environment sensor system.
  • MD became a member of the IEEE (IEEE P802.3ch Multi-Gigabit Automotive Ethernet). 
  • Implementation of semiconductor technologies (WLP/SiP) for theminiaturization of functionally integrated cables.
    The functional integration was extended through the implementation of a temperature sensor in an existing break pad wear sensor on the axle cabling. 


  • MD as Tier-1 started supplying sensor components for the Mercedes Benz E-Class BR213
  • Presentation of a USB Type-C charger with Power Delivery function (with 100 W charging power USB PD 2.0) at the IZB 2016
  • Cooperation with Texas Instruments: Joint publication of the article “Driving Higher Resolutions in Automotive Display & Camera Applications”
  • Presentation of a functionally integrated cable USB Type-C


  • Start of cooperation with numerous well-known manufacturers of semiconductors in the automotive industry
  • MD became a member of the USB.ORG and participates regularly in the USB Developer Days


  • Market introduction of cable assemblies based on the FAKRA SF
    6 GHz technology


  • MD became a member of the Apple “iOS  and MAC Developer Program” and of the “Bluetooth Special Interest Group”


  • MD received the first serial development order for axle cabling
  • MD became a member of the “Open Alliance”


  • Optimization of the existing HF systems to a transmission range up to
    6 GHz
  • Extension of the module competencies to include “intelligent modules” with embedded systems in vehicles


  • MD developed its competence in the field of module solutions in the visible area of vehicles


  • Intensive participation in the development of the “HSD” standard
  • Development of the “MD Fakra LC”- connector system 
  • MD became a certified development- and production partner of Apple


  • Production of the first high-frequency sub-assemblies and
    participation in the development of the “Fakra” standard work group


  • Entry into the automotive industry with initial applications