Temperatures between -40°C and +130°C, high mechanical stress load during vibration or torsion, use in outdoor and dirty areas and compliance with the highest watertightness class IPX9K: As a component of the safety related vehicle area, MD sensors must fulfill the highest requirements at all times.

As a reliable partner of the automotive industry, we at MD offer a product portfolio of chassis cabling solutions and individual special solutions. 

Challenges of the safety related vehicle area

  • Compact and lightweight construction according to the installation analysis by the DMU engineer
  • Development of customer-specific connectors with overmolded components
  • Connection of the sensor cables via axle interfaces to the onboard power system
  • Validation according to customer test standards with common environmental simulations and suitable testing technology in the test laboratory
  • Highest watertightness class IPX9K
  • Very high mechanical stress (vibration, steering movement, torsion) -Performance of special cyclic bending tests for the used yard goods to analyze the dynamic behavior after ageing
  • Use in outdoor and dirty areas
  • Temperature range from  -40°C to +130°C
  • Requirement of a high automation degree for the production of safety related cable sets in order to ensure full traceability of the production parameters