Cable assemblies for the connection of sensors in automotive applications

Are you looking for a combination of automotive multicore- and coaxial cable assemblies for use in comfort applications of the vehicle?

If so, our comfort sensor products are the perfect solution for your application.

Comfort sensors

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Your advantages

Consistently high-quality standard

  • Semi-automated assembly with automated process monitoring
  • Globally standardized machinery

Tailor-made solutions

  • Development of a customer-specific interface for the connection of various cable variants
  • Combination of various cable cross-sections and cable types (coaxial cables, hose lines or single stranded wires)

Everything from one source

  • Validation according to your test standards in our accredited in-house test laboratory


Capacitive kick sensor for the car trunk Seat occupancy sensor connection

Successfully implemented projects

Capacitive kick sensor
for the car trunk


  • 100 % tailor-made
  • Robust, waterproof solution

Seat occupancy
sensor connection


  • 100 % tailor-made
  • Cost-effective

Technical information

System Coax
Material according to customer requirements
Temperature range -40 °C up to +105 °C
Watertightness IP6K9K
Qualification according to LV 214 component


What are sensor cables?

Sensor cables are connection cables assembled with connection components between a control unit and a sensor and/or actuator.

What kinds of applications are there for sensor cables?

Usually, sensor cables are used for:

  • Axle wiring
  • Chassis cabling (electronic parking brake, damper systems, ABS, rotational speed sensor, brake wear indicator)
  • Assistance systems (cameras)
  • Comfort systems (kick sensor)
What differences are there between sensor cables?

This depends on the application. In the case of camera systems, coaxial cables are used for higher data rates, for example. In the case of assembled axle wiring cables, unshielded hose lines and sheathed cables are used for higher currents.

Is it possible to transmit data and current via sensor cables?

Basically, yes. This depends on the application and the cable variant used.

What are the advantages of sensor cables?

The sensor cables for the comfort sensor area are particularly robust and have a higher mechanical stability.

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